My Spinning


Time to get your advent calendars out!! The first day already flew by me, I didn't even write my blog yesterday. That's why I left Sundays open, hehe.

Last year I made a musical advent calendar using Spotify and put it on Facebook. That was fun, but doing it two years in a row would be boring, I think. This year I opted for advent calendar software from Jacqui Lawson, which is easier, I must say. 

The Christmas movies will start tonight, I think. We'll watch at least one a day through Christmas. The Muppets Christmas Carol has become my all-time favorite, I think. What Christmas movies do you like?




My all-time favorite Christmas movie is Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas. Hard to find some years.....


I still love Frosty the Snowman:)


....and the Charlie Brown specials.

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