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My Spinning

All the orange fluff is done! (It's actually corriedale.)

Orange done spinning

This was fantastic to spin. I would have gotten done sooner, but NaNoWriMo got in the way a bit. 

I  started plying it up last night.


I am so very pleased with this yarn. It's just wonderful. I'm going to make socks with it, because who doesn't need some hunting socks for safety? hehe. It's actually a pleasing shade of orange, not the blinding sort of orange that makes yelp in surprise. It is going to be fun to knit!




Hi Beth,

I'd love to know if there's anyone still working wit or possibly selling by request the UniqueOne designs I loved so much. I wanted to find one in Camden last month and couldn't find anyone who knew if any of your wonderful knitters were selling these elsewhere. Does the UniqueOne website still operate? I wasn't sure.

Thank you!


Hi Lucy, sorry, Unique One is no longer. The website doesn't work. :)

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