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Sorry, I got bored with my blog, and I meant to kill it off. Quietly, you know? Some people really can't give up, and I am one of them, apparently.

All five of you who actually read my blog (you know who you are) will be happy, and the other 150+ who come for the free patterns will be happy too, because I'll probably continue posting new patterns, rarely. And I am glad that I can be of some small service to you :)

So you can look forward to posts about my wonderful, amazing knitting (snicker, snicker), and my cat pictures, and whatever else pops into my head. I will not be posting everyday; that got really boring, but I will post occasionally. By that I mean at least one post per week.

To close, here is the requisite cat picture -- he's mad at the world. It is 0˚ outside. 




Glad to see you back; I miss the kitty pictures and your spinning/knitting progress. I'm still making mice and stuffing with homegrown catnip. Big hit at Christmas time!


I was worried about you...I'm glad you are continuing the blog! I enjoy my visits!

Anna (alcatmom)

I'm just here for the kitty pics. Yay for more!

I for one missed your blog and your knitting spinning progress and your cats. Yeahhhhhh she's back!


:) Thank you Beth. I am taking 15 grad credits, working full time and doing clinicals in schools right now. I NEED your blog. Kelley


Well, thank goodness for that! We aren't bored, and I think I speak for more than five of us. hugs, Shelagh.


Thanks everyone! The pressure is on now! Watch out Nick and Nora and Grace, here comes the camera!

Anne Hetherington

It certainly looks as if there are more than 5 of us! You underestimate your importance to us! :-) looking foreward to kitty pix, spinnng and knitting pix and new patterns!


Oh, gee - I thought you were taking a sabbatical, not up to blog murder and mayhem! Glad to see you back, my dear ;-)


I read regularly, too, tho' never comment... Glad you are ok. Yup, pressure's on...


Yay, I'm glad you've decided to keep going with your blog too. I'm always glad to see kitty pictures, but I love hearing about your knitting and spinning adventures the best. May I make a request to see a picture of 2012, the year in mouses? Unless the kitties have absconded with them. p.s. there are way more than 5 happy people here.


Glad to see you are back! Read silently and love catching up on your progress! miss the knitting Sails! Anne

Rhoda Thombs

Beth, I saw Rachel today, and she told me you were back. So glad! Rhoda

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