Still Winter Here
Sock Update

The Days Are Getting Longer!

I keep telling myself that.

In knitting news, I finished the My Little Pony socks:

MLP socks
Aren't they disgustingly cute? Rest assured, no My Little Ponies were harmed. It just looks like I am wearing their hides.

I'm on to my next socks:

April Showers socks
These are April Showers socks from Knitters Brewing Company, and it's their Mystery Sock V, which means the completed sock is a mystery for the duration of the knitalong. Mine are in Sockaholic Mint Julip, and I am  currently on clue 2. Everyone else is on clue 4, but I had some horsin' around to do first ... I am catching up pretty quickly, though. There are two more clues to be given, so you can still join! We'll be done by the end of February.

Lynne and I are working on our Harriet cardigans from A Fine Fleece, she in teal tweed yarn and I in purple Jo Sharp DK wool tweed. (The book's out of print or I'd link it. So is the yarn, I think.) So far we have only gotten the border on the back done. Here is mine:


Lynne brought me tulips:

I think this means we're engaged. :)

(Thank you, Lynne!)


Anne Hetherington


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