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It's Spring!

I just finished my Tropical Dream scarf:

Tropical Dream scarf done

I made it out of Felicia Knock hand-painted 100% wool yarn:

Tropical Dream yarn

Felicia is a remarkable young woman who does amazing things dyeing wool material and yarn, and  making hooked rugs. I met her at the Lunenburg Farmer's Market last October, which is where I bought the yarn. It's just beautiful. 

The pattern is 198 Yards of Heaven. I made it before, out of Good Karme Farm yarn, and have found that I have worn it a lot this winter. It's a nice little scarf. 

March Is Flying By

Wow, it's been a month and a half since I posted anything! Fascinating. 

 I have been crocheting on my Spincushions crochet-along, and I finally got caught up (well, nearly; I haven't done this week's square yet), when I discovered I am running out of the yarn. The good news is, it's still available. The bad news is, I haven't got a clue how much yarn I'm going to need to buy to finish it. So I'm going to finish using what I've got and then wait to see how many more squares there are, which should give me some idea of how much yarn I need, and then I'll buy it. 

I finished my April Showers socks:

April Showers socks

They're actually more lime green than what you see in the picture. My iPhone gives my pictures a blue cast and I am not smart enough to edit it out. Since they were for me, I knit a little tube to wear with them - that goes on my right leg, above the sock. My brace is quite high and bare skin rubbing on the plastic brace is yucky.

These socks are only 6" high. They are really pretty, but short. The lace pattern has flowers on the foot, umbrellas over them, rain falling above the umbrellas, and a raincloud floats at the top. The back of the legs has lightning all the way to the top, and continues around the ribbing. 

Next thing on the list: the Harriet cardigan from A Fine Fleece, by Lisa Lloyd. I just have the lace part on the bottom and one repeat of the pattern on the back done, so no picture yet. Maybe next time. It's a pretty easy and fun knit, so far. My friend Lynne is also knitting Harriet, but she has the back nearly done. She has more stick-to-it-iveness than I!