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NaNoWriMo, Writing, and This Blog

I conned my sister into doing NaNoWriMo with me this year. We were two of the over 41,000 people who successfully completed our novels in time, out of the 300,000 that tried. That just continues to amaze me, that number. That's like being in a group of people equal to a quarter the population of Maine, with just the population of Lewiston being successful!

My sister is a better writer than I am. Her mystery novel was very cool, tying in Vietnam-era skullduggery with small town politics, and she worked hard to get it done in time. I am very proud of her! She was behind most of the way, and she even had a thing where her novel disappeared in Google Docs, but she kept on plugging and soon she zoomed past me! (The novel was recovered in Google docs revision history -- phew!) My novel was a prequel to a novel I began about ten years ago, maybe more. It's a fantasy novel. Interestingly, it didn't really thrill me like I thought it would. I guess writing my blog is about all the writing I'm gonna do; good thing my blog loves me.

Speaking about blog writing, what the heck happened on August 19 this year? My page views spiked that day. In an effort to find out what happened (something that I never found out, by the way), I noticed that Liberty's Yarn said that this blog was ranked number six by Alexa. I have quite a few people who come to my blog from Liberty's Yarn, which is wonderful. Being ranked number six is sort of weird, because there is a blog ranked number four that hasn't been updated since 2011. All I can think is that they must offer a selection of free patterns like I do. I average about 125 page views a day from people coming for the free patterns. Interestingly, I have only had one person who tipped me for any of it, heh heh, so I have only had $5 worth of profit from it. Sigh.



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