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Ye Olde Christmas Season

I'm still knitting for Christmas. I had to stop for a couple days because Nicky bit my hand Thanksgiving Day; it swelled up bigger than Montana and hurt like the Dickens, but it has gotten better, and now I am back to the Christmas knitting. 

So, in an effort to distract you from the lack of knitting in my blog, I thought I would show you something I found. Did you know that if you go to the Library of Congress, select photos, prints and drawings for the format in the search box and type in "Christmas", you can look at a jillion Christmas pictures from the 1800s to today? There is everything from posters, old Christmas cards that somebody in government received, old photos, everything. There is just a TON of stuff. I spent a lot of time looking at it, and I only got through about 19 pages -- out of 113! Here is just a smattering:

Future Xmas 1896

Future Christmas 1896


U. S. Christmas 1899

Stereo card print 1897

Photographic print on stereo card, 1897

Santa telephoning for more supplies1897

Santa telephoning for more supplies, 1897

(Some things never change!)

Red ross nursewith Xm deco 1910-1930

Red Cross nurse with soldier and Christmas decorations, sometime between 1910 - 1930.

Santa receives pilot's license from ASComm1927

Santa receiving aeroplane pilot's license from the Assistant Secretary of Commerce, 1927. (I am glad Santa is a safe and legal flyer!)

Wash xmas shopping Woolworths 1941

Washington, DC Christmas shopping at Woolworth's Five and Ten, 1941

Store window display 1940:41

Store window display, 1940/41

Christmas, it seems, is still the same as it always was. And that is reassuring! 

You may note that if you go to, my 2014 Christmas Musical Advent Calendar selections will be at the top of my posts for the next 25 days; you need to download Spotify to play them, but it is free! 


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