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It's Winter, So Get Over It: Make a Cowl, Not a Scowl!


On New Year's Day, Nicky, my good little boy, went outside and never came back. I think his heart finally gave out on him.


He had a heart murmur, and in 2009 or so, he had a cardiac arrest -- it was during a routine annual vet visit: shots, ears, teeth, and his heart, which stopped at the moment Dr. Jim Laurita held the stethoscope to his chest. It was, in short, the perfect time to have a heart attack. Dr. Laurita rushed him to intense cardiac care, and he lived. He had to take three pills a day for the rest of his life, but he lived. Dr. Laurita said he would live about eleven months at the outside, but Nicky was obstinate and stubborn, and he lived almost six more years.

Nicky on counter

Wherever you are Nicky, I hope there are lots of sunny spots to snooze in, preferably on someone's knitting; lots of laps to sprawl across, lots of cream and cheese and popcorn and bacon and Cheez-Its to snack on, and Grace is probably happy because she can now follow you around again. You know she always had a thing for you. 

Nick in Snow


Anna (alcatmom)

Hugs. So sorry for your loss. He looks like he was an awesome kitty. My friend just lost one of her black kitties yesterday morning. They never stay long enough, since long enough could only be forever.


Very true :)


Sorry to here about Nicky. Hugs.


Tanks, Kristin :)



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