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Still Waiting.

I'm still waiting for Spring. The snow is still high and I am still grumpy. Snow doesn't seem as magical as it did around Christmas. It has become the adult version of the cute little puppy that has now turned into the Saint Bernard behemoth, taking over your bed, getting everywhere, chewing on the car. It is not cute anymore.

Snow sn

So, big surprise, I am still knitting. I knit a lace scarf out of pretty peachy-pink Edna's Bounty from Good Karma Farm. Here it is, unblocked:


It'll be prettier when it is blocked. Lace always looks prettier when it is blocked. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting's To Go series of books, Scarves Two, and the pattern is called Sheer Lace Scarf, by Lois Young. I think the book is out of print now, but you can search your local libraries for it (I love inter-library loan!). 

I am making some progress on the turquoise dress, too; here is what I've got so far:


I had to take a break and get the scarf done before winter ended -- I guess I didn't have to worry, hehe. It is going pretty fast, now that I have started working on it again. I am getting through about a skein a day. The dress is supposed to use ten skeins, and I have used almost five skeins so far. I actually bought twelve skeins, just to make sure. I know, you are thinking it doesn't look half done, but it is. The skirt takes up more yarn than the body -- I started off with about three hundred stitches, after all. I decrease eight stitches every ten rounds, and I have only done thirty percent of the decreases so far.  Then you increase a little bit for the bust, do the yoke, and you're done! And then, of course, you must block it,  because lace. It's all cotton, though, so I might steam iron it lightly. 

Today I'm listening to the playlist "Driving with Dean Winchester" on Spotify. '67 Black Impalas are sexy. Keep knitting, people!