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It's the Middle of June Already!

Time goes so fast when you are not doing much at all! 

We watched The Wizard of Oz a couple nights ago. It was a fun return to my childhood. I remember that the whole family watched the little black and white television: Mum, Dad, a couple siblings and I. Everyone was all grown up but me. I was so scared of that wicked witch! I never realized that it was in color once Dorothy got to Oz; it was a nice surprise. Anyway, Dorothy says, "My! People come and go so quickly here!" In my case, it was time that went quickly!

So, what have I been up to? I was sooooo sick with a cold for about two weeks, but I am all over it, thank goodness. I rarely get sick at all, but this cold laid me low. During those two weeks I could just sleep and drink a lot of water and cough, a lot.  But I did get some knitting done after I got better.

I finished my Harpswell Inn Hitchhiker:


I find that I wear it more than anything right now, and it is very colorful! I love it.

I have been bad about getting pictures of my finished projects, so you will have to use your imagination a bit on these. I finished Reyna out of some hand dyed purple fingering weight.


This is the picture I got of it.


This is the picture from the pattern.  It's a fun knit, fairly mindless, and quite pretty when it is done. It has gone upstairs to be blocked. No telling if I will ever see it again.

I knit a pair of purple socks; again, only one is pictured, but rest assured that I knit the complete pair!

Purple socks

That was my TV knitting for  a couple weeks. 

What I am working on now is a shawlette from the book MAINE knits, by Beatrice Perron Dahlen. It is called the Cresting Waves Shawl and is designed by Leah B. Thibault. 


(photo from Leah B. Thibault)

I am using a skein of Meadow by the Fiber Company in the color Bellflower.


It is a light fingering weight merino wool, baby llama, silk, and linen blend which has a lovely drape (thank you, linen) and sheen (thank you, silk) that feels soft and warm and luxurious (nods to the merino wool and the baby llama). I love this combo of fibers, and I have never seen it before. 

It likes to fight my needles a bit, as it seems to have its own mind, so at times I have to be forceful to make it go where I want it to go. (I suspect the linen is responsible for this.) Sometimes at first, it flew right off the needles when I wasn't paying attention! Twice! The first time I was only a few rows up so I unraveled it and started over, and the second time I said, "Shit!!" "Look, Mister, you had just better behave!!!" and I got it back on the needle. I learned my lesson, and it has been under my watchful eye ever since. I think when this lace panel is done and I am working on the plain stockinette part, it will be much better behaved. 

This yarn feels so good! I can't wait to wear it!! Here is what there is so far, after three and a half repeats of the lace panel:


I wish you could feel it. It is so yummy.

Have a good day, everyone. Isn't this weather wild?? So hot and then so cold! 

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