Oh Hi There!

Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is behind us and we are starting to get into the spirit of good will and cheer. I finished the Christmas stocking that I was working on:

Upload_medium2 (1)
Upload_medium2 (1)

It's so pretty! I didn't buy the colors specifically for a Christmas stocking, but they work. I mostly used Arne & Carlos' Christmas Stocking, but I added Mary Jane Mucklestone's book 200 Fair Isle Motifs (#110, snowflakes) and Renée Kies socks pattern O Dennenboom for the Christmas trees.

I also updated the look of my blog. The flowers were looking a bit too flowery, so I streamlined the look, and made a new banner. I used a fabulous free font for the title: Kingthings Needles by Kevin King. There are lots of cool things on his site, and more fonts too. Go check him out!


Hillary White

I love the new look of the Blog!! Very nice! It looks so updated and fancy!!

I also can't be more ecstatic with the outcome of the stocking that you knit for Jacqui. It came out beautifully and it makes me smile to know the happiness that it will bring her for years, (about 30 more if Santa treats her like he treated me) :).

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