End of the Year
Bye Bye January

Make Nine 2020

Happy New Year!

I don't do resolutions, but setting nine goals for the year ahead seems fine. I give you my nine goals for 2020:

ONE: Knit Kittycat Socks. I have the yarn and I planned to do it anyway, and I found a sock knitting group online with goals for January socks, and this pair seemed to fit in nicely:


From The Knitter issue #136. That cat looks mightily frightened. Anyway. I thought it would be good to start the year off with something that I am 100% sure I can do.

TWO: Actually design two brand spankin' new patterns and put them on my blog.

THREE: Spin at least an hour per week (Sharon, this one's for you!). Also counts as therapy for my right foot (the previously paralyzed one, now just mostly paralyzed) because I got a Hitchhiker single treadle spinning wheel after Arline died, but it is for the right foot.


I think I can make it work now. I'll try anyway. And it's not like I don't have any other wheels!

FOUR: Knit the Saxony socks from A Fine Fleece. I am gonna knit these!


FIVE: Knit or crochet 6 sweaters for myself. Yes, 6. I am a sweater monster.

SIX: Make at least one small thing each month (like hats, socks, mittens, small shawls).

SEVEN: Organize my yarn by weight (lace, fingering, sport, DK, worsted, bulky).

EIGHT: Get rid of my unwanted yarn via donating it/giving it away

NINE: Clean out and organize my knitting chest. It is a wooden chest in our living room that is about four feet long and eighteen inches wide and I don't really know what all is in it. There's a lot of yarn, and a lot of needles, some empty knitting bags, and Lord know what else. I think my sock blockers are in it somewhere, and I hope my bobbins are at the bottom. I need to have them to make progress spinning!

That's my list. What's yours?


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