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Helicopter Hat

You may remember this Navajo plied yarn that I was proud to make since my stroke:


I wanted to knit it up to see what it looked like, so I started knitting a hat with it. I estimated that it was worsted weight, so I cast on 100 stitches and used size 4 double pointed needles. I changed to size 5 needles and stockinette stitch and just kept knitting. It was coming out pretty good, not as good as my pre-stroke 3 ply, but it was pretty good.


So after about 4 inches I started to run out of yarn, which I expected. What to do, what to do ... then I thought about a post on Winwick Mum's blog about how she was enjoying knitting a sock with helical knitting. At the time I thought, big whoop. I tried helical knitting and it drove me crazy, so I immediately dropped the idea.

As I knit my hat though, I really didn't want to do any sort of stranded knitting because I've got another thing coming up that uses a lot of it, and I thought stripes would be nice if they were just little ones, though the jog drives me crazy; and suddenly I wanted to try helical knitting again.

I used a link from Winwick Mum's post and found it to be very easy, fun, and enjoyable! See for yourself; it's Jen of Arnall-Culliford Knitting's tutorial.

Helical knitting is a great way to incorporate the pesky bits of yarn (especially homespun yarn that you don't have quite enough to do anything with, yet don't want to throw away or make another scrap shawl). The little one row stripes are a great way to blend colors together too. It really is delightful.

So why did I name my pattern Helicopter Hat? Because Helical Hat is hard to say, and the first thing that people would wonder is, what the heck is that? Helicopter is easier, and the way the colors just whup, whup, whup around as you go along seemed appropriate. Also I might be going a little insane.

Anyway. Here is my really simple Helicopter Hat.

Download Helicopter Hat.pdf (177.6K)


Helicopter Hat


200 yards worsted weight yarn (can use scraps)

Size US4 (3.50mm) and US5 (3.75mm) double pointed needles 

Gauge: 5 sts and 7 rows per inch

Size: Adult (fits both me and my husband)


Using size 4 needles, cast on 100 sts. Work k2, p2 ribbing for 10 rows. Switch to size 5  to stockinette stitch until total length is 8 inches. (At any time during this stockinette section you can insert stripes using the helical knitting technique.)

Decrease for top:

Round 1: *knit 8, k2tog* around

Round 2: knit 

Round 3: *knit 7, k2tog* around

Round 4: knit 

Round 5: *knit 6, k2tog* around

Round 6: knit 

Round 7: *knit 5, k2tog* around

Round 8: knit

Round 9: *knit 4, k2tog* around

Round 10: *knit 3, k2tog* around

Round 11: *knit 2, k2tog* around

Round 12: *knit 1, k2tog* around

Round 13: *k2tog* around

Cut yarn, pull through the 10 stitches left and pull tight. Weave in ends.

Download Helicopter Hat.pdf (177.6K)


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