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October Knittings

October is going by fast! Halloween is almost here!


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I knit some hats in October. First, I knit the Gluma beanie (free pattern) with some sock yarn scraps:

Gluma beanie

The Gluma beanie is always a fun knit.

Next, I knit the Belle Fille pattern  (free pattern) out of some mystery yarn on a cone:

Belle Fille hat started
Belle Fille hat started

Belle Fille is a  fabulous hat pattern I can see knitting this many more times in the future. However, the yarn I chose to knit this one is too thin (it's a heavy fingering/light sportweight) and I think it is mostly acrylic or something. It's a great yarn for cowls and shawls, but not for hats.

Then I knit the Intersectionality hat out of leftover mohair blend:

Intersectionality hat started
Intersectionality hat started

It's nice. The pattern gets lost in the many colors.

Finally, I knit a Helicopter Hat from scraps. The Helicopter Hat is so mindless ... good TV knitting.

Helical hat in progress
Helical hat in progress

I also knit a pair of mittens from scraps:

Grey mittens

I am going through all of my scraps!!!

I also finished Sweater #6, the Soundtrack Pullover by Marie Greene. This was supposed to be the 4-day knitalong sweater started back in July, but I didn't start it til mid-September and I finished it on October 15, so it took me a whole month to knit it despite being worsted weight and mostly stockinette. I knit other things while I was knitting it, but .... it just took me awhile. I got bored with it after the fun part was done in the yoke. But! I love wearing it! And it came out looking good!

Working on sleeves
Working on sleeves

The pattern is Soundtrack Pullover by Marie Greene, and I used Swans Island Natural Colors worsted, 100% merino wool, 250 yards in 100g, color Teal for the main color, and Done Roving Kidding Ewe, worsted weight, 300 yards per 100g, 55% mohair 45% wool, color Neon Mayhem for the contrast color.

I am very pleased with my Soundtrack ❤️.

Right now I am currently knitting two shawls, one out of the same tan yarn on that blasted cone (and the cone still won't be finished dagnabit!), and one out of a fabulous new-to-me merino and angora fingering weight yarn with a tiny bit of 100% cashmere fingering for contrast. I love both these shawls and I can't wait to show them to you!



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