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The past two years I have made a list of goals to work on -- Make Nine. Let's take a look at how I did in the last year.

One -- Knit Kitty Cat Socks. I did that! Yay!


Two -- Design two new patterns and put them on my blog. I designed Blossoms and Buds Hat and Busy Mitts, so I accomplished this. Yay!

IMG_0294   IMG_0468


Three -- Spin an hour a week. Well ... yes and no. I spun over 52 hours this year ... but I stopped spinning back in May. So I guess I didn't do it. Boo!

Four -- Knit the Saxony socks from A Fine Fleece. Didn't do it, and don't want to do it. Every time I thought about knitting these socks, something made me procrastinate and not do them. So bye bye Saxony socks! I'm writing you off. ::crickets::

Five -- Knit 6 sweaters for myself. I knit Biscotti pullover, Boathouse pullover,  the Knit Camp Cardigan, I See Spring pullover, Brookings pullover, and Soundtrack pullover, which makes six! I accomplished this! Yay!

AB0706D2-078E-4AA5-8AD8-4E512816B272 IMG_0193   IMG_0308 IMG_0404EB65B532-49A0-4F95-9220-3B49FCE9E1F9 383718EC-68F5-4765-B1B1-1D9EDDECA523

Six -- Make at least one small thing each month (like hats, socks, mittens, small shawls). I accomplished this! Yay!

Seven -- Organize my yarn by weight (lace, fingering, sport, DK, worsted, bulky). I did this! Yay!

Eight -- Get rid of my unwanted yarn via donating it/giving it away. I did this as part of organizing and sorting my yarn. Now instead of having ten bins of yarn upstairs I only have two, as well as a bin down stairs and a chest full. It is still a lot, but now it seems doable and I can instantly see what I have and where it is. Yay!

Nine -- Clean out and organize my knitting chest. I did this back in the spring, and I re-did it as part of our upstairs clean out this fall, so it has actually been done twice! I got alllll the needles sorted, found my sock blockers, and found my bobbins, so now I am all set. Yay!

That is seven Yays!, one Boo! and one that I threw out, which counts as a Yay in my opinion, it's a winner in my book.