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I've been keeping a private knitting blog since Ravelry decided I was a white supremacist (I am not.). It replicates the projects function of Ravelry. It has pictures of what I knit, lists the patterns, yarn. needles, start date and finish date of everything I knit. It keeps track of my FO's and my WIP's. It also has a list of my WP's -- Wishful Projects, the projects that I plan to make, and the yarn in my stash that I will make them with, if any is found. Usually, yarn is found. I rarely have to buy yarn anymore since I got my stash settled, which for me is a good thing, but which for the yarn stores is not.

I haven't been knitting much. I am going through a period of no-knitting that I hope will change very soon. I find that knitting things that are extremely easy is about all I want to do for the moment, so I knit gauge swatches for two sweaters that I want to make (simple stockinette and simple knit-purl double moss stitch), I have a simple scarf, a garter stitch blanket, and a circular knit stockinette (every round is knit! Knit knit knit!) scarf that I am knitting helically with my three leftover balls of lace weight yarn. It is going slowly, but that is fine, because I don't really care. I knit on it at night watching TV; sometimes I don't knit anything and I just watch TV or play Solitaire on my iPhone, which really is such a waste of time. I should be slapped.


Image by succo from Pixabay

I don't even have pictures of any of them, sorry. And I set my harder yet more boring project aside to hibernate for a while. I'll get back to it. It's a shawl, by the way. Yet another warm shawl of sport weight yarn that no one actually uses or wants, so I'll keep it and use it occasionally.

So, goals. I'd use Make Nine again, but that seems like so much to do.

Goal #1: Knit what I can. I plan to knit less but use up my yarn responsibly. There are two sweaters that I want to make, one aran sweater for my husband that I doubt he will ever wear, but it uses up 10 skeins of stash yarn; and an aran cardigan for me because a) my October Frost finally wore out and I need another one (it was knit of really old yarn from the eighties), and b) Marie Greene of Knit Camp is doing an aran cardigan for the January knit-along this year, the timing was perfect, and c) I'll use up 9 skeins of Bartlettyarn from my stash. If you are not in Knit Camp ,you can find it on Olive Knits as the January Workshop for $29.95.

Goal #2: Help my husband as much as possible to deep clean our house, get rid of a ton of stuff we never use, simplify and organize, and get some new chairs for the living room. There will come a time when we will have to move, probably far in the future, but it will be easier if all our residual stuff is gone and the rest is mostly packed up.

Goal #3: Spin more all year. I'll try.

Goal #4: Read more. You know, I used to read all the time. Now, I don't. I don't know why. I like reading. I just find that I don't like many of the books anymore. Maybe I have to dig a little deeper to find them. There are some historical non-fiction books that look interesting:

Goal #5: Lose weight. You know you are old when the reason for losing weight is primarily to please your doctor. But there it is. I've gained a lot of weight since the lockdown started.  Weight gain is anathema for a person with diabetes, and since I was able to get off my medication because I had done so well by losing weight, I should really try to take some extra weight off.

There you go! Five goals! Happy New Year!


Image by Mees Groothuis from Pixabay


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