Sucked In



Happy Valentine's Day! 

I love the red yarn I am spinning. I have two skeins done and I think there will be seven skeins total when I am finished. My skeins are about 50g in weight. 


I spin each bobbin about 1/3 of the way full (see picture), and I do three bobbins, and then I ply them together.


That way the bobbins all make one full bobbin of three-ply yarn, and I wind it off, soak it in hot water, and hang it to dry. That way I get a little thrill about every week when I make a new skein of gorgeous, soft, squishy, chunky yarn to gaze at and admire. I love it!

I only spin for about an hour or less every morning, which is why I get so little done. But each little skein is lovely, it's a good way to start my day, and that is why I love my little skeins. Happy spinning! Fiber is good for you!


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