Finished Items
Block Party Cowl

Finished Items

Fiadh is blocked and came out fabulous:

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I’m really happy with it! 

The Northwest Passage Shawl is finished and blocked:

Some badly photographed close ups of the details (this shawl is so huge that I couldn’t photograph it properly):

It’s big, but it will be nice to wear when I am sitting outside this spring, and cuddling up in my comfy chair in the fall and winter. I guess that makes it a three season shawl!

I’m working on the Compton aran sweater for Mr. Yarndemon  that I started the same time as Fiadh. I have about 20 of the 70 centimeters done for the back, so it is a little less than a third done. It is my “day time” knitting. 


My “night time” knitting is an alpaca boucle blanket in a very dark gray, so it is a good thing that it’s all knit. It is about half done. I started it around Thanksgiving last year, but set it aside to do something or other. It’s time to finish it. I’ll show you a picture of it when I get around to wrangling a huge woolly blanket into submission. The good thing is, it’s not as heavy as Fiadh was, and it’s a helluva lot softer! Unfortunately, Pogo loves sleeping on it, so I can’t get much done after she gets in my lap. The things we do for our cats, eh?

Have fun knitting in the sunshine!


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