Stash Busting Finish To July
Double Trouble

Two Bags Full


Baa, baa, black sheep,

Have you any wool?

Yes sir, yes sir, 

Three bags full.

One day in around 2008 Tracy and I bought a fleece, I believe from Joe Miller, at Fiber Frolic. We had the almost four pounds of fleece washed and made into roving at a mill. Tracy decided she wouldn’t spin it after all, and she gave me the opportunity to buy her portion, and that is how I ended up with almost four pounds of beautiful black Romney roving that I would spin “someday”, in two big bags filled with very squishy, very black, very wonderful wool.

Then I had my stroke a couple years later. And I figured I would never spin the beautiful black fiber.


One of the reasons I struggled to spin again was because of this fiber. I finally got good enough at spinning again that I dug out this batch of black Romney to begin spinning it. There were definite stages that I had to go through in order to be able to spin the yarn that I wanted to spin from this beautiful fleece. You have to understand that this was a very special, very exquisite fleece. You don’t very often find a pure black Romney fleece like this. 


First, I had to be able to spin at all. I struggled. Remember my mouthfuls of purple fiber? That was before I had the use of my right hand much at all, and I had to use my mouth to pre-draft the fiber. Second, I had to spin well enough to spin very fine and even. That took about a year or two. Lastly, I had to spin whatever yarn thickness that I wanted, and make it relatively even. That’s where I am now.


This is my first two skeins of yarn from the roving. It’s an Aran to chunky weight yarn, which is  a tad thicker than I really wanted it to be,  but I have just under four pounds of fiber, so I’ll have the luxury of choosing the best skeins out of the whole bit. I’m spinning a two ply yarn out of it, and I have an old Candide pattern that I want to make. 

I’m trying to spin about an hour a day, and I think it will take most of the winter to spin, and that’s ok. I really love spinning this fleece, and I think it will be really lovely to knit with. I’m planning to knit up a big swatch with it soon, so I’ll let you know!



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