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The Holidays Are Upon Us

Happy Halloween! Which is followed rapidly by Thanksgiving and Christmas before the long dark days of winter. Winter is a restful time after the holidays.

I started knitting Christmas balls from Arne & Carlos back in the first week of October, because I wanted to have 24 Christmas balls knit by December 1 to decorate my house with. I am exactly halfway through them today:

I have been working on my long yellow scarf and I just started on the fifth ball of yarn. I think five balls will be sufficient for my scarf; maybe I can use the sixth ball to make a ribbed hat.

I also started another project in an effort to use up some of my yarn. 
That’s a gradient lace weight ball of wool from Freia Fibers that I got three years ago or so. They were having a sale on their one of a kind balls of yarn, colors that they tried and which didn’t make the grade. They were all really pretty as far as I was concerned, but you never know why they didn’t choose to make them. Anyway, I chose this blue gradient, and three years later, I’ve finally got around to using it.


This is a little more than halfway through the skein of yarn. The pattern is the Viveza Shawl by Faith Schmidt, a simple shawl that expands through half the yarn and then decreases for the second half. It’s got a narrow band of lace at the edge, with straight garter stitch that gets wider and then smaller as you go. It’s pretty easy, it’s reversible, and looks like it will be fun to wear. I think it will be quite a bit longer after blocking, and I hope it will be softer too.

I hope your holidays will be fun! 

Falling into Autumn

The leaves are getting more colorful with every passing day here in mid coast Maine.

About three years ago, I saw a illustration of a beautiful young woman with autumn colored leaves in her auburn hair, done up in a messy updo, intense green eyes, and with the most beautiful, long, ribbed, soft-looking scarf wrapped around and around her neck. I immediately wanted to knit that scarf.

The artist behind my obsession is Morgan Davidson, and you can see her art at Morgan Davidson Illustrations on She has lots of gorgeous work there. Go check her out! 

Well. My scarf. I immediately got six skeins of Swans Island All American Collection in a sport weight in the color Honey, and put it in a bin. I was busy just then, I had Christmas knitting to get done, and one thing led to another, yadda yadda yadda, and before I knew it, three years had whizzed by.

I still really wanted that scarf. So, I wound my balls of yellow yarn up while watching TV, cast on 70 stitches on size 4 needles, and proceeded to knit two, purl two forever. It’s wonderful TV knitting and it makes my heart glad every time I look at it.

I’ve got one and a half balls used so far, and I am hoping to make it 84” long or so. I did mention I wanted a looooooooong scarf. 

Have you ever knit anything to hold an image, book, place or experience in your heart forever? If you have, I hope it has made you as happy as my scarf is making me. Happy Fall! 

So Beautiful

Remember that blue yarn that I spun that was the most beautiful blue in the world?

That’s the one. I knit up a shawl from it, and it came out really lovely, and warm too! Which will be great over my shoulders this winter, because the way prices are going up, I think we will have to keep the thermostat set pretty low.

This is the Sitwell Shawl by Anniken Allis. I got the  pattern in The Knitter magazine and as soon as I saw it, it looked perfect for my blue handspun.
My handspun is thicker than the pattern calls for, more sport weight than fingering weight, but that was fine. I just went up a couple of sizes of needle and it turned out well. 


Now I have the most beautiful blue shawl in the world. It’s the color of a lake in the fall, a rich, deep blue, and I just adore it! 

Have a lovely day filled with your favorite colors and stay warm!

Pogo agrees that the shawl is beautiful, but what did I wake her up for??? 😋

(Not bad for a 20 year old kitty.)