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Falling into Autumn

So Beautiful

Remember that blue yarn that I spun that was the most beautiful blue in the world?

That’s the one. I knit up a shawl from it, and it came out really lovely, and warm too! Which will be great over my shoulders this winter, because the way prices are going up, I think we will have to keep the thermostat set pretty low.

This is the Sitwell Shawl by Anniken Allis. I got the  pattern in The Knitter magazine and as soon as I saw it, it looked perfect for my blue handspun.
My handspun is thicker than the pattern calls for, more sport weight than fingering weight, but that was fine. I just went up a couple of sizes of needle and it turned out well. 


Now I have the most beautiful blue shawl in the world. It’s the color of a lake in the fall, a rich, deep blue, and I just adore it! 

Have a lovely day filled with your favorite colors and stay warm!

Pogo agrees that the shawl is beautiful, but what did I wake her up for??? 😋

(Not bad for a 20 year old kitty.)


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