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2021 Advent Calendar Eve

Image by matsi1612 from Pixabay

It’s Advent Calendar Eve!

On my blog, each day until Christmas, I'll feature a free pattern from somewhere around the internet, that I've chosen just for you (well, for everyone that reads my blog)! This year the patterns are interesting; some are little gifts that can be made in a few days, others while require a bit of thought and/or patience. A couple may be good for next year, but you should start them now! 

I hope you enjoy the Advent Calendar. This year we all want and need time with family and friends! Merry Christmas!

Finished Objects!

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us! Here are a few things I have gotten done in the last few weeks.

I finished the long yellow scarf shortly after my last blog post:

I love it. It’s about 90” long. The long pink scarf was knit for me by my niece years ago and is much longer! I love it too. 

I finished the 24 Christmas balls also:

That was a fun project.

 I finished the blue gradient shawl:

It blocked out really well, opening up the lace, and it feels light yet warm. 

I also knit another long striped scarf in an effort to use up scraps of fingering weight yarn:

This was a surprisingly quick knit even though it was fingering weight. I just cast on 450 stitches on a US size 4/3.50mm needle and knit every row until the scarf was wide  enough. I left a foot long tail at the beginning and end of every row and tied the tails together to make fringe, trimming it to about 6” when it was finished. It ended up being 75 inches long. 

Now I am making hats in an effort to use up the mountains of scraps and unused skeins in the chest downstairs. Why does the more things I knit out of my scraps seem to create less space instead of more space in that bloody chest?? I hope when Christmas is over and I have given away all the things I’ve made I’ll see a result!

Have a great Thanksgiving and keep knitting.