Scrappy Crescent Shawl
Treading Water

Scrappy Blanket


It’s another beautiful day here on the coast of Maine. The sun is shining and hummingbirds are strumming at the feeders. I keep thinking that it will not be long before autumn and winter changes everything. I’ll always enjoy my summers.


Last night I bound off my Scrappy Shawl/Scarf thing. It’s really more of a scarf than a shawl because I couldn’t make myself knit it any larger. It’s one more WIP off the needles!


I started a Memory Blanket  with my DK/sport weight scraps back in March, mostly because I failed miserably making a crocheted blanket, so I decided to knit one.


The Memory Blanket is good because each square is picked up from two previous squares, and if you weave in the two ends of each square as you finish them, the blanket is done when the last square is done. 

The difference between my Scrappy Shawl and my Scrappy Blanket is: I love love love my Scrappy Blanket! See? I told you I was a bad  Project Parent. 
I knit a square on my Scrappy Blanket every morning when I have my coffee. I can watch my YouTube videos as I knit, drink my coffee, and it’s a great way to start the day. It feels like those mornings when I was a wee little girl, going down to the kitchen and spending time with my father while he had his coffee. Special times.


My Scrappy blanket is almost done. I decided to make it ten squares wide and fifteen squares long, and I have thirteen squares left to do. I’ll be done on August 25th if all goes well.

Wonder why it’s called a memory blanket? Each square uses yarn from another project, and I think about them as I knit. There are among the many a Harriet square …

and a Beekeeper square …


and a Sitwell Shawl square. 


Another fantastic thing that happened on Wednesday is that Sue officially became a Crazy Sock Lady, having completed her first pair of socks ever!!!!! Yayyy!!!!!! Congratulations Sue!


Now I want to knit socks. 


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