Aunt Mildred’s Mohair
The Leaves They Are A-Changing . . .

Finishes and WIPs

Hello all. I hope you are enjoying the lovely fall weather. It’s been a tad bit chilly, but that only hastens the leaves turning colors.

I’ve got a couple finishes to show. First of all, I finished the Baby Blanket of No Discernible Stitches:

It all went swimmingly once I put the dang markers in. Turns out, it’s a beautiful blanket and I’m sure the baby will love dragging it around the house, once he learns to walk, that is. It feels like a plushy, so it’ll be like a giant flat stuffed animal.

My second finish is the Warm Feelings cowl that I made from Aunt Mildred’s mohair:

It’s warm and soft and lovely. Every time I put it on I’ll think of her. I don’t remember her ever knitting, but she taught me to make Rocky Road Fudge, which I loved. 

The third WIP is one that was long in the making. It’s a spinning project that you remember from last year, August of 2021.


Yes, I have finally finished spinning all that black Romney fleece that I bought at the Fiber Frolic before I had a stroke. And it only took a year! Woohoo! I actually estimated that it would take me three months or so, but a) that was underestimating the time and b) I took several months-long spinning breaks. Like this last July and August, and another break early last spring, because I needed to get my Christmas knitting done for this year. The last six skeins are drying after their twist-setting bath even as we speak, but here is a picture I took of all my yarn, most in washed skeins, two in unwashed skeins, and four still on the bobbin after plying:

I have eighteen skeins of lovely black, cushy, soft, heavy worsted or Aran weight goodness that will be glorious to knit with. My skeins are a little more than 100 g, or 4 ounces. The sweater I plan to knit is this one:

It’s an old Candide pattern from 1991 that I have knit before. I loved that sweater and always wanted to knit it again, and now I can knit it with homespun yarn. 

So that leaves me with WIPs. Actually, I only have one at the moment, a pair of socks for myself that I am using some of Arline’s stash for. It’s an 80% merino and 20% nylon; the color is called Olive Oyl.

This yarn is from The Woolen Rabbit in North Conway, NH.

I’m just knitting a sock out of Yankee Knitter #29, my old standby …


… but I think I will put an ‘umbrella’ toe on it which I found in Kay Jones’ Crunkled Socks and really liked. It doesn’t use Kitchener Stitch.


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