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Never Ending Christmas

Finishing Up January

Snow finally fell and made it really and truly winter. 

Good thing I finally finished my black sweater! It’s really heavy and warm. It fits me perfectly. 
Sorry for the bad picture, but it’s really hard to photograph a big black sweater, especially with one hand.

I also finished my Opal minis cowl:

I’ve worn this a lot already. I love it!

I am very, very close to having the evil Bungee leg warmers done.

Thankfully, I am done with the Bungee. Hallelujah! I only had two skeins of Bungee, so I knit as far as I could with each skein of the evil yarn and continued with some black yarn I had leftover from something or other. I just have about 7” of black to finish them. This project was definitely not process knitting; I never enjoyed the process. It was all about getting the leg warmers done so I could stay warm in them! I can’t wait to put them on. 

I’m pretty excited for February. The Bakery Bears are having an event for Patreon members called Valenvent, I believe. Basically, it’s a mystery knitalong that starts February 1st and ends on February 14, but you don’t have to be done when Valentine’s Day rolls around. This is the yarn that I am using for it:


Based on the yarn requirements and the needle size and length, I’m guessing it will be a cowl, or at least I’m hoping it is, because I really love cowls this year. They’re so warm and cozy.

 I love this yarn! It has golden sparkles in it and is so pink and squishy.

It’s hand dyed by Potions and Purls in Rhode Island. This mini set is their “Oh Deer!” set

It must be sparkle season in Rockport. I also got some Opal yarn that is sparkly too, and is waiting to be knit into socks:


I can’t wait to start! What is more fun than a sparkly cowl and sparkly socks??? I live in exciting times!


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