Happy NewYear!
Finishing Up January

Hello World

Is it still January? What better time to wear my hand knit woolens!


I’m still working on my black handspun sweater. It took forever to knit the back, but now the back is done and I am speeding through the front. I just started the front yesterday and I’m already 6” along. Woohoo!


My long legwarmers knit out of the vile Bungee yarn, which is a chore to knit with, are half done. I knew I would run out of the Bungee yarn before it was done, and I used black sock yarn to finish the leg. I think these legwarmers will be warm and wonderful to wear, but they are a real pain to knit. The yarn is very grabby of the needle and hard to get the needle into cleanly, so I mostly just stab it in and hope for the best; it makes for slow knitting, but I want it to go fast because I don’t like to knit it much. 

Having got one of the legwarmers done, I took a break to knit my Opal minis cowl. Opal is a brand of sock yarn, usually dyed in self-patterning stripes and dots, and aside from 100g skeins, they make the cutest little mini skeins that are just irresistible. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be available in the US, but I got a set of 10 mini skeins from AnnaKnitterYarns in Germany.

I’m using these little 10 gram minis to knit a cowl using the Opal minis interspersed with black Opal, and it’s coming out pretty well. I can usually get one mini skein and one black stripe done in an evening’s worth of knitting. I have no pattern really, just cast on between 160 to 170 stitches, do about an inch of ribbing, go in stockinette stitch for about two feet, then rib at the end for and in or so and it’s done.

 I only have one finished object done so far this year: a pair of pretty, striped, hot pink and peach colored Opal yarn that I knit as a pallet cleanser to get away from black. I love them.

That’s all for now! Happy knitting!


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