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Happy Easter!

It’s a time of rejuvenation and snow melting and green things sprouting up. There are tulips and tiger lilies popping up tentatively in the gardens outside, warily looking about for snow, and smiling because there is none. Inside, my amaryllis is fully bloomed and making me smile every day.



I finished the Hello Sweetie socks:


I finished the Tasha Tudor shawl. This is it unblocked. I’m horrible at getting things blocked.


I sent my Bits and Bobs blanket into  hibernation because it just got so big and heavy on the circular needles. I kept pulling out stitches because the blanket was stronger than I was it seemed, and the final time it did that again I just told it, “That’s it. Go sit in your project bag until I can deal with you.” Now I’m worried that it will attack me when I peek inside.

So I started the Outfoxed Mitts by Erica Heusser. It’s such a lovely pattern! I used leftovers of fingering yarn in my stash in a foxy color and an off white color:

The Permin Estelle yarn has a bit of angora in it, which I am sure the Fox will appreciate. They only took about a week to complete, which was nice; it’s a quick little project.

I love how the fox’s tail wraps around to the palm. So cute!

I got some yarn from Amazon a while ago, because I loved the colors in it. 

This is Golo yarn, made in China. It was advertised as cashmere yarn, but of course it isn’t, because lower down in the description it clearly says that it’s 55% merino and 45% nylon. Besides the color which I loved, it was under $10 a skein for 550 yards. So I thought I would try it for socks.


Unfortunately when it came, I saw it was a single ply, not great for socks, but I did try to start a pair with it because the color was so pretty. Clearly, it did not want to be socks; the yardage told me it was a heavy lace weight, and I cast on more stitches and a smaller needle, but the socks still were loose and holey, and as much as I tried to make a sock, the yarn just kept saying no. 

Hill Country Weavers had a simple pattern for A Biased Scarf that would work, so I cast on with my Golo yarn and a size 6 needle and started knitting. This was the right pattern for the yarn. It’s easy, it shows the colors well, and the bias means that it will hang beautifully. I will be excited to finish it!


In other news, Holly Armstrong of Mystery Mouse Yarn has put in her shop the 2023 Advent Calendar for this Christmas. It’s a pre-order, so it won’t ship until early November, but yarn dyers have to put the announcement out early because they have to dye all the yarn, put in little extras, design a pattern for the advent calendar. It’s quite a job, really. Makes me tired just to think of it. Last year’s calendar was “Holmes for the Holidays” and you got a little clue and a color to match which lead you to what Sherlock Holmes mystery it was. This year it’s “Christie for Christmas” and you have to guess which Agatha Christie mystery it is. How exciting! 

Have a very enjoyable Easter and keep knitting!